Detection & Cash Automation

Inovink’s machine-readable security technologies are currently in use on over 26 billion circulating banknotes. 


The unique characteristics of our level two features enhance banknote security whilst continuing the capability of being detected by existing (and next generation) banknote equipment detectors and high-speed banknote sorters, with no equipment modification required.  

Banknotes now interface increasingly with technology as part of the modern cash life cylce. Inovink's machine-readable technology plays an inegral part in the life of a banknote from its inception at the print factory during quality control, through to destruction at the central bank as an unfit banknote.


The funcionality of these "technology touchpoints" are vital in maintaining the security and confidence in cash as well as improving the efficiency and integrity of the cash cycle.  All of which ensures that banknotes continue to remain relevant, viable and practical.


Inovink's machine-readable features work in the current cash cycle infrastructure of any country. Inovink's features will remain relevant throughout the life of a banknote series allowing for subsequent new issues or feature upgrades without any reduncancy of cash cycle verification technologies in use now and in the future.  


Inovink's security features are patent-protected and have passed extensive durability and chemical resistance testing by central banks in the laboratory as well as being subject to successful machine and circulation trials. To date, over 26 billion banknote circulating today are specificed with Inovink's technology. Please contact us to learn more.