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Inovink has developed an exclusive range of patented machine-readable security features specifically designed for the protection of banknotes.


We have achieved our aim of improving the range of features available to central banks by producing a higher level of security at a lower implementation cost and then patenting the process.

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Our level two and three technologies are uniquely designed to assist and safeguard the automatic authentication of banknotes by high-speed banknote processing machines and banknote authentication equipment used exclusively by central banks and by commercial cash handlers, commercial banks and retail solutions at point-of-sale. 


Inovink’s security features are also read at banknote print works as part of the automated quality control single note inspection process before finished banknotes are delivered to the central bank. 

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Organic Banknote Protection

Inovink has introduced to the banknote printing industry a newly patented, protective product called BioNote which is added to protective varnish coatings and substrates to keep banknotes cleaner for longer.

As the levels of automation in the cash cycle continues to grow, central banks are looking for improved solutions that go beyond the “standard” offering in this important area of banknote security.


Inovink’s patented machine-readable pigments permit banknote printers and banknote designers to incorporate machine readable features into any ink colour and via a wide range of printing applications.  

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