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At Inovink, we research, patent, and license materials for banknotes and security printed products.  Today, Inovink has been granted some thirty patents relating to banknotes and security printing. 

mIRage is Inovink's suite of banknote-only security features that display unique patented characteristics when read by high-speed banknote sorters and banknote equipment used by central banks and commercial cash handlers throughout the cash automation process. Importantly,  new sensors are not required to read Inovink products.

An overview on mIRage is on this website and a more detailed confidential brochure explaining Inovink's Level 2 and Level 3 solutions can be obtained through our contact form. 

 Inovink’s  security printing and minting solutions can also be provided upon request. 

Who we serve:




Issuing Authorities 


ID and Passport Printers 

Tax Stamp Printers 

Laminate Manufacturers

Ink Manufacturers


Central Banks

Banknote Printers

Ink Manufacturers

Substrate Manufacturers

Component Suppliers



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